New Music Added To Our App: Christopher Mann – Keren Yeshua

Christopher Mann

Christopher Mann’s debut album, “Keren Yeshua”, is now available for free streaming in our app, “Messianic Jewish Music.” You can download our app for free from iTunesGoogle Play, and Amazon.

If you like this album, please support Christopher Mann by buying it from his webstore:

Also make sure to check out this beautiful video of Christopher preforming “Keren Yeshua” in Jerusalem:

7 thoughts on “New Music Added To Our App: Christopher Mann – Keren Yeshua

  1. Vera Palacio

    Shalom ,thanks for share your music ,I pray RUAH HA KODESH release more new songs upon you and you can bring out the sound of THe THRONE OF GOD to the earth .

  2. Kathleen

    I am new to the messianic Jewish music scene. I am a protestant-turned-Catholic with an affinity toward Jewish roots. Am studying (a little) Hebrew Roots. Went on line to find musicians. This was the first one on Google. Clicked on it and listened to the first song by Christopher Mann (the video): Keren Yeshua. just GORGEOUS! Gotta a sneaky feeling I will be purchasing his music soon. I could not find him on Pandora. Perhaps others are on there, but I don’t know names yet. Could not find the app either. At least not through my iPads app store. Where can I find the app? Thank you for showcasing this music. –Kathleen

  3. jimmy waitemon

    I am new to this music I usually listen to conteparery christian and would like to know more about it because I find it to be very beautiful


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