Artist Profile: Deborah Kline and Vince Iantorno


Deborah was born in New York to a Jewish Father and Puerto Rican mother. She moved to Puerto Rico at the age of 9 where she began her singing career on television and was nicknamed La Pequena Gigante (The Little Giant) because of her tiny frame and big voice. She also sang as a soloist in a Catholic choir. After moving back to the States at the age of 15, she strayed away from church altogether. She moved to California with her parents a few years later and began singing in nightclubs, did studio work for producers such as Humberto Gatica and Paul Anka, soloed on various commercials such as 7 Up, C&H sugar and numerous others. She also met and married her husband Vince (Guitar player / songwriter and arranger). In 1999, after losing a child, Deborah’s mother, and other family tragedies, feeling out of control, Deborah and Vince were invited to a church service where during worship she started crying like a baby!!! They both gave their hearts to the L-rd that day, and soon became worship leaders themselves, leading in different churches and venues.

Along the way of growing in the L-rd, while reading scripture, Deborah began wondering what was the connection between being Jewish and a believer in Jesus. She decided to get to know Him as Yeshua, learning scripture through a Jewish perspective (after all, her Great Grandfather and all before him on her father’s side were Cantors)! Their passion for the Lord, and heart for the unsaved Jew and Gentile have brought this couple to ministering G-d’ s grace, love, and mercy through their music. “I broke down my guard during worship… and pray that others may experience the same surrender through the music that Adonai has given us” Deborah said.” Deborah and Vince’s lyrics, powered by Adonai’s word and put together with a fresh musical approach of Latin rhythms, R&B and worship ballads, inspire listeners through the hope of His promise.

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