Announcing Our Exclusive Partnership with PsalmPlace

I am very excited to announce that today begins an exclusive partnership between Echad Records and PsalmPlace, the premier online store dedicated to Messianic Jewish praise & worship music from independent artists. Echad Records will be featuring music from PsalmPlace in our free app, Messianic Jewish Music, available now for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Our first playlist available for streaming is the PsalmPlace Messianic Compilation CD, featuring original songs by Sue Samuel, Ari Ben Levi, Carlos Perdomo, Devora Clark, Jonathan Lane and Natasha Kraus-Reynolds.

PsalmPlace on Messianic Jewish Music app

note: if you already downloaded the Messianic Jewish Music app and you do not see the PsalmPlace compilation playlist in the “Listen” tab, restart the app.

In the coming months, the Echad Records team will be curating exclusive playlists from PsalmPlace featuring the best music from independent Messianic Jewish artists. We hope that by promoting musicians in this novel way, they will gain more fans and be encouraged to continue recording their art. Meanwhile, all we ask of our listeners is that if you like the music you hear, visit and support the artists with a digital download.

Remember, you can download the Echad Records app “Messianic Jewish Music” for free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play, now featuring 36 songs by Messianic Jewish musicians as well as a podcast directory and news from the Messianic Jewish music community.

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Please support our app, share it with your friends, and if you like it, give us a 5-star review! Our team is working hard to help support Messianic Jewish artists and reach people with the message of Yeshua through music, and we can’t do it without your support!

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