Artist Profile: Natasha Kraus-Reynolds

Natasha Profile Picture Natasha was born and raised in the small Latin American country of Panama, to parents of Jewish ancestry. As it happened to many Jewish people throughout the world, Natasha’s family lost their traditions and became assimilated. Her parents raised her in the Christian faith. After turning her back on G-d and in need of salvation, as a young adult, Natasha rediscovered her faith as a Messianic Jewish believer in Yeshua (Jesus), The Messiah. As a Messianic Jewish believer she began to trust G-d, as she was able to better understand how The Creator of the Universe loves us so greatly, that he keeps all of His words and all of His promises from old. It was amazing for her to see how He knew from the beginning how His plan of redemption to the world would be carried out by means of our Jewish Messiah, as it is written in the Tanakh, the book of the prophet Isaiah, Chapter 59 verse 20 and expounded in Romans 11.

Natasha is especially thankful for her friend, co-writer and producer, Tamrah Aeryn Alexander, a gifted classically trained pianist and self-taught guitarist, who has very graciously worked with her on three albums: “In The Beginning”, “Children of the Light” and “Mi Kamocha” מי כמכה (Who is like You). “I Prepare Myself” is a song included in Children of the Light. This dynamic music will grip your soul and inspire you in your walk with G-d. It is a powerful and healing praise and worship experience for Jews and Christians alike.

Through this music, Natasha hopes that lives would be moved, people would turn to the one true G-d, the G-d of Israel, and that many would be changed by the liberating power of the Most High to live as “B’nei HaOr” or “Children of the light”, as written in Ephesians 5:8-10.

Learn more about Natasha at her official website and find more music from her at CD Baby.

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